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Chattakan Vongsiri
Nathakorn Kanitvaranun
Udomsak Rachderm

21 March - 7 May 2023
ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art
(Boromrachachonnanee Road)

“AT THE MOMENT” is a glass art exhibition by Chattakan Vongsiri, Nathakorn Kanitvaranun, and Udomsak Rachderm, three artists from BGC Glass Studio. The show portrays thoughts, experiences, and personal imaginations in a particular moment through the unique creation process of glass art. Once touched by the light, the transparency, patterns, and colors on the glass surface are highlighted. These charming features are the results of the transformation of grainy sands into clear glass by heat. And at that moment, glass has become more than a container.

BGC Glass Studio is the first glassblowing art studio in Thailand. It was established in 2017 as a learning center for glass art with the aim to promote and develop the art itself and specialists in glass art. There are activities with experienced glass art artists from abroad who will give advice, knowledge, and practice skills in glass art creation techniques. In addition, there are signings of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading universities both within the country and abroad to promote the study of glass art and increase the value of "glass" material via the creation of contemporary art. BGC Glass Studio also provides an exhibition space with training and workshops in various techniques as well as a space to support Thai artists in creating glass art.


Kabet Chattakarn Vongsiri was born in 1989 in Pathumthani Province, Thailand.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) in Sculpture, Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts from Silpakorn University, one of the best art universities in Thailand. Most of his glasswork often translating and expressing people's minds, ethnic differences, and socially variable mindsets.
Kabet Chattakan Vongsiri is working among the glass art blower members at BGC Glass Studio, the first glass art learning center in Thailand patronized by BG Container Glass Public Company Limited.
In 2019, Chattakan received a scholarship from Niijima Glass Art Center, Japan, and attended a workshop with Australian glass artist Nick Mount at Niijima Island. He was selected as a Niijima Scholarship recipient for his excellent works as a workshop participant in the 32nd Niijima International Glass Art Festival in 2019 as well as a chance to attend a workshop with Martin Janecký at Pilchuck Glass School, USA in 2022.
Currently, Kabet is still continuously producing glass art in the hope to becoming more recognizable in the world of glass blowing.


Nathakorn Kanitvaranun (Pun) was born in 1998. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. 1st Class Honors in Ceramic Design Faculty of Architecture and Design King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Nathakorn work communicates the importance of the present time through creating a sudden imprint on the surface of the work. without embellishment after graduation has created its own brand and ceramic studio in the name of "" meaning it according to times and had the opportunity to participate in the exhibition and demonstrate the creation of ceramic works at THE MALL, ICONSIAM, CENTRAL EMBRASSY.
After that, in the year 2022, He had the opportunity to join BGC Glass Studio as a glass artist. And had the opportunity to learn with Peter Bowler, a famous international artist in the glass art society. to learn the basics of creating glass art works and develop a unique technique By bringing various creative techniques in ceramics to use in glass work. Therefore, the surface of the works is similar to that of Nattakorn's ceramic work. but different materials with the transparent glass surface It makes the emotion of the person who sees or touches the work different from the original. And at present, Nattakorn has brought raw materials and chemicals used in ceramics such as various types of clay powder. Different types of coloring agents are mixed with the glass while melting. which produces interesting results. and can be extended into the latest series of works nowadays

Udomsak Ratchaderm Udomsak Ratchaderm (Boy) was born in 1997.  graduated with a bachelor's degree from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, major is painting. His paintings present ideas through color. emotion in the form of a painting Semi-Abstract reduce the scenery from reality and presenting landscapes in a new perspective.
After graduating, he joined the university in the U2T project working in graphic design. and products to villagers in the community. After that, Udomsak joined activities with BGC Glass Studio, BG Container Glass Public Company Limited and became interested in glass art. in a later.

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