The Knight in PPE Suit

Charit Pusiri 

November 5 - December 12, 2020
At ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery
(Thonglor soi 10)

The Knight in PPE Suit by Charit Pusiri was inspired by the quarantine period during the COVID-19 outbreak that has severely affected the world. The virus has caused an abrupt stop to almost every activity that involves bodily contact having “humans” as the carrier. People have to stay at home or work from home inevitably. Such seclusion, therefore, has been executed to prevent close proximity tasks, which in turn reduce the chance of infection and virus transmission. The unavoidable isolation has affected every segment of society, the economy, and people around the world. The artist uses women in swimsuits to represent the moment during the quarantine. The elastic garment is not the outfit one wears casually for a lengthy period of time or in everyday life, thus symbolizing discomfort under the aberrant condition. He also brings into play the PPE suits as a portrayal of medical personnel and staff who have been in the frontline fighting the crisis.

Charit Pusiri is a professional photographer who has pocketed several awards from international competitions along with solo and group exhibitions. For his latest show, he focuses on the hot topic in society while employing his signature composition setting, colors, and the juxtaposition of two objects to highlight such an issue. This series of photographs will surely attract as many viewers as the previous ones due to its subject of the Covid-19 pandemic that has sent shockwaves, affecting and crashing many people in Thai society.

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