Miss & Miss 

Jureeporn Pedking &

Omsiree Pandamrong

September 16 - October 17, 2020
At ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery
(Thonglor soi 10)

Jureeporn Pedking

Chinese ; Place of Diasporas

The awareness about the history, place of displaced Chinese persons in Bangkok during the Rattanakosin period with personal memories. Immigration and colonize in Thailand. In thoughts and feelings that have a past, a present and there will always be hopes and dreams for the great future. Human life is like history. “When you study the history, you will find answers to the future.” Because it will enable us to see things in a new and different dimension we may or may not know. The creator has the idea of “ancestors”, as a descendant. Thoughts and feelings can be described as “time passes but things (objects) remain. They are weaved and combined (with materials) in the same context and/or beyond the existing context.”

With contemporary art creation process which is the art composition on a specific areas, objects, gathering materials, and instant materials that have become the main factor for life of today's society. The prosperity of the world has been changed from the old to the new values, reflecting the history in a parallel dimension time that correlate the relationship between personal memories and the area with traces of the behavior and cultural activities of displaced Chinese persons. 

Omsiree Pandamrong

Inscriptions of The Mind

The memories that were pressed in the past, has traveled agon with an area of ​​life experience, or the "body", while being tested for its effectiveness by means of a mechanism in the form of relationship in life, in a variety of social institutions, including "family institution, school, temple, and communities" This form of power penetrate closely to the" space, time, and body, "especially the area of female body, serving as the reservoir of memories overflowing with the senses of life from these social mechanisms. It is no different from the spirituality diminishing to be an object as well.

This art work series creation is intended to exhibit a sympathy aspect toward the socio-cultural rules.     And as we are the artists who have the skills to relieve distress, therefore this is the direct communication of person to person, from heart to heart. With the aim to elaborate the mind aspect that have been discovered in a particular experience in form of language structure and body. To explore and realize our own mind along with communication via small invention traces on metal surfaces that interact with poetry through the space of memory, perception, touch, finding for "freedom".

Omsiree Pandamrong
Jureeporn Pedking
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