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Conversation with Time

By Nathakorn Kanitvaranun 

12 October - 25 November, 2023
ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery
(Thonglor soi 10)  

There is a saying "Time is worth more than gold", but how many people really know its true value? 

Time is the most valuable and important thing because it is a limited resource. Each day every living creature will get 1,440 minutes, no more, no less. So, how do we spend what we have been given?

Time is right under your nose. It is always present but cannot be directly seen. Time, therefore, talks to us through the shift of things. It is so constant and ubiquitous that we often take it for granted. So, before we know it, we have reached the halfway point of our lives without even noticing. It is almost too late that we have realized that the time of our lives is limited, leaving us wondering if we are satisfied with what we have accomplished.

The exhibition 'Conversation with Time' would like to invite you to escape the chaos of daily life. This exhibition will encourage you to let go of past regrets, avoid competing and comparing yourself to others in the present, and stop worrying about the future. The artwork, created using a mix of soil and glass, reflects the passage of time and how it changes the surface of these materials, telling us about their journey, the change, and the constant movement of time that will never stop even if we cease to do so.

By being more mindful of time, we can prioritize what truly matters in life. “The most important thing in life is life itself.” or it can be something else according to the goal of our life. Whatever it may be, it should be worthy enough for us to trade the precious 1,440 minutes we have each day for.


Nathakorn Kanitvaranun (Pun) graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramic Design from the Faculty of Architecture and Design, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. His work communicates the importance of the present time by creating a sudden imprint on the surface of the work without any manipulation. 
After graduating, he created his own brand and the ceramic studio “” which means according to time. He participated in many exhibitions and ceramic demonstrations, before joined BGC Glass Studio as a glass artist. He meet Peter Bowler, a famous artist in the glass art society to learn the basics of creating glass artwork and develop unique techniques by incorporating various creative approaches in ceramics with glass work. Therefore, the surface of the work is similar to that of his ceramic; however, with a transparent glass surface. Such a feature brings new emotions to the viewers. Nathakorn utilizes raw materials and chemicals used in ceramics such as various types of clay powder and coloring agents to mix into melting glass. It has produced interesting results that can be seen in the latest series of works.

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