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The Six-Pack

Venich Suwanmoli
Sukumarl Sarakasetrin
Sayumporn Kasornsuwan
Saravut Vongnate
Sirumpa Chunnuan
Kittipot Prayotmee

Curated by
Associate Professor Sayumporn Kasornsuwan

9 May -  9 June 2024
ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art
(Boromrachachonnanee Road)

The word "six-pack" usually brings to mind strength and a well-defined body that has been achieved through patience, determination, and discipline. The Six-Pack exhibition is a showcase of six ceramic artists from three generations who share a common ground in terms of experience, perseverance, and love for creating ceramic works from clay, heat, and personal skills. The exhibition features sculptures that exhibit strength, harmony, and beauty.
Venich Suwanmoli has devoted a considerable amount of time to perfecting his Raku Copper Matte technique, and as a result, his artwork showcases iridescent colors that seem to come alive on the work surface. His unwavering dedication has culminated in a breathtaking mixed techniques raku sculpture that shimmers and sparkles with light.
Sukumarl Sarakasetrin is a skilled artist who creates stunning stoneware and porcelain sculptures, as well as accessories. She applies a unique technique to create ceramic pieces by mixing fish sauce with stain color, dropping it on a wet slip before firing them. This process gives the artwork a soft and endearing vibe despite being made from robust materials like ceramic.
Inspired by natural shapes brought together by the power of the movement, Sayumporn Kasornsuwan's large-scale sculptures require balance from different masses and volumes while co-existing in happiness, peace, and wholeness.
Saravut Vongnate created a series of sculptures called "Trap Series". They are colorful and eye-catching, reflecting the artist's fascination with different forms and senses. Saravut believes that once consumed by our passions, we can become enchanted and trapped without even realizing it.
Sirumpa Chunnuan has expressed her love for her daughter through a recording that uses endless patterns strung together on blue-and-white porcelain. The colors on this porcelain hold great value and meaning, much like a record of the beginning of a life that has grown beautifully like a tree that never ceases to grow.
Kittipot Prayotmee conveys the truth of life regarding change and deterioration through sculptures that combine unique Raku pottery and optical glass. The surface of the work reflects the impermanence of all things. Even though it looks decayed, it is captivating and powerful.

The Six-Pack exhibition will be available for viewing from May 9 - June 9, 2024, at ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Boromratchachonnanee Road.  For more information, please contact at the number: 08-7323-7577, 02-422-2092

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