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By Chubbynida 

August 29 - September 30, 2023
ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery
(Thonglor soi 10)  

Since growing up sometimes means leaving some people or some fragments of oneself behind, Solitude, therefore, will be a quest for those crumbs that have gone astray, a search for a soul that has been lost along the way. By traveling through solitary landscapes, this exhibition urges us to explore, embrace, and heal such fragile hearts so that they are able to reunite, cherish and see value in themselves once again. Chubbynida is back with the latest exhibition that will warm your soul with love and her inspiringly cute signature art.


Chubbynida or Chanida Areewatanasombat (Nida) is an illustrator known for her round eyed girl character. After finishing her pursuit of a master's degree in illustration design from Kingston University of London, she returned home with an unstoppable passion for creativity, where she can exercise her skills in animation, paper collages, and art pieces using diverse materials. She breaks all boundaries to unleash her endless imagination, which makes her art more recognizable for its hidden lonely vibe among the simple and colorful lines. Such a creation reflects the solitary lifestyle of people in urban areas that pack with the fragility of emotion.

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